Mothers see their daughters as the pride and joy of motherhood. They are the light of their life and are cherished always and forever. It has always been an excellent experience for a mother to watch her daughter grow.

Daughters look up to their moms as role models and try to learn and emulate her in everything from fashion to lifestyle etc. Mothers who understand this develop a close bond with their daughters and fill their presence with fun, joy, laughter, and happiness.

Most women get their first jewelry piece from their mother.
It has become a tradition between moms and their daughters and passed on to generations – Grandmothers, granddaughters and mothers-in-law are no exceptions in this great family tradition.

Mom and daughter matching jewelry and outfit is one way moms develop a close bond with their daughters.It makes them see their daughters as a smaller version of themselves and brings all the cutest feels and inspires a deep connection between them Daughters love this and copy her style and grow with it.

That is exactly what inspired us when we created our MOM & ME brand. Our jewelry piece comes in pairs with so much charm and enchantment.They’re of the same style but in different sizes, one for the mom and a smaller matching piece for the daughter.

Our brand of jewelry celebrates the infinite love, friendship and deep connection between mom and daughter

We believe that a beautiful piece of jewelry can be an excellent symbol of encouragement and support for a daughter to pursue her dream and be part of her many adventures

Daughters can also find a piece of jewelry to appreciate all the love, care, support, and family values they have received from their mom

Jewelry gifting is an excellent way to celebrate family love